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A network is a group of computer interconnected together in other to share information, But what most people don't know is that is very easy to create your own local network just using just your local connection (WiFi, modem, etc). In this post am going to show you how to go about with that. NB: For this tutorial we will be using windows 10 and you must make sure your connected to  a local

One of the most common ways to network Ubuntu and Windows computers is to configure Samba as a File Server. This section covers setting up a Samba server to share files with Windows clients. The server will be configured to share files with any client on the network and will not require a password. If your environment requires stricter Access Controls see Securing File and Print Server. Installation First, we will need to install the samba

One of the standard Office suite programs developed by Microsoft is PowerPoint. Commonly abbreviated as PP or PPT, PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program, that makes it easy to create, collaborate, and present your ideas in dynamic, visually compelling ways. It gives you everything you need to produce a professional-looking presentation. The software allows users to create anything from basic slide shows to complex presentations.   Here, we are going to explore the ways in which we can

Presentations are all about passing out particular information to an audience. But then, there seem to be something quite intimidating for many people about the process of moving their thoughts from their head to paper (or a series of slides on the computer). Few people feel comfortable writing presentations. Here, we will see the basic things you need to know when preparing your presentation. First, you really need a good mastery of what you

Hi, ever wondered about designing a flyer? It could have been about letting people know about your event, organization or anything and didn’t know where to start!?, I got your back. I will tell you about Canva. Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool website. It’s an online design tool to help you create marketing materials, social media graphics, presentations, invitations, and other design products. Getting started with Canva, you need to create a login. Go to

Most of the time just installing an antivirus in your computer does not guarantee it to be free from threats, so in this articles we will be looking dome tips to keeps your computer free and safe from threats.   1.Install Anti-Virus Software Installing an antivirus is the most effective way to protect your PC from threats. There are many free anti-virus software available on the internet e.g Avira, Avg , norton etc. Apart from the

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