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Hi, ever wondered about designing a flyer?

It could have been about letting people know about your event, organization or anything and didn’t know where to start!?, I got your back. I will tell you about Canva.

Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool website. It’s an online design tool to help you create marketing materials, social media graphics, presentations, invitations, and other design products.

Getting started with Canva, you need to create a login.

  • Go to ​http://www.canva.com
  • Type in your email address and choose a password, or sign in with your other accounts (Gmail) as proposed
  • Click “Sign up”

When you sign up, You have access to the home page, here is how it looks

  1. Design Anything: Here, you type in what you want to design, in our case, flyer and a list of flyer templates are shown to you.
  2. Creating your design: You can choose your template from here, or select the forward arrow > to the right for more templates. You are also given the chance to create your own design.
  3. Your Designs: Whatever you create is being stored here. Which you can work on later on.
  4. Here is your menu where you can navigate through fast to get to where you want quickly.
  5. Try Canva pro; Canva offers many services free, but provides additional layouts, images, and services with a paid subscription.

Creating Your Flyer

From the home page, when you have selected the flyer, your page reloads to the standard layout for designing.

You can start from scratch with a blank document or choose a layout to edit. Scroll through the designs to find one you’d like to use. The “FREE” icon will display in the bottom right-hand corner.

Click on the layout, and it will appear on your document.

  1. Toolbar: ​This menu allows you to “Search” shapes/pictures/icons/graphics by category, browse “Layouts” to guide your design, add “Text” to your design, choose “Backgrounds”, and manage your “Uploads,” which are images and files you bring into Canva from your computer or other programs.
  2. Search and Results: ​Use the search bar at the top to search for items ​in​ Canva you can use in your design. The results will be listed below the search bar.
  3. Your Document: ​This is your working space where your design is created.
  1. Top Menu: ​These options allow you to rename your document, share your document on social media or by email, download your document to print or email, and choose between making the document private and public
  2. Help:​ Can’t figure out how to use Canva? Click here to get help articles.

Editing Your Layout

When you chose your template, think of the design on the page as separate pieces

  • Each text, image, graphic, and background is a unique “element”.
  • Each of these elements can be selected and dragged to another area of the document.
  • Hover the mouse over any element and click on it to edit using elements from the
  • When you hover and click on the text element, a menu is displayed above from which you can change and modify fonts and others as you wish.

  • This goes same for the background of your flyer. You can hover over it and click on it. A menu is displayed above from which you can modify color, position, manage transparency and others as you wish.

From the above picture, you can change the title of your flyer then download in you form you want when you click on the drop-down arrow beside download.

You are good to go.

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