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How to add to a courses on the platform

Adding courses on the Mapubi labs, it’s as easy as 123. In this article we will be exploring how to  publish a courses on the website.

ps: To be able Publish  on the website you need to be granted access, for that  please contact the administrator


Step 1

Before publishing  a course one needs to be registered as an instructor, To do that  please follow the instructions below.

  1. After logging in the website, head on to  “Elated Instructor“, as on the screenshot below


2. To Add a new Instructor, click on the “Add New” button,  see the screenshot below



3. After doing that should see an interface below


At the level  of the “Add title” you should add the name the name of the instructor, At the text-area below add a brief description about yourself.

Going down further you will see something similar to the screenshot below,



At this section you are to fill the basic information about the instructor (you in this case). After that   click on the “publish”,  then you will added  instructor.



How to add a Course

After you created an instructor you now need to  add a course for the instructor, to do that  head to “Elated LMS” then select   “Elated Course”, from there select “add new ” see the screenshot below for more details,


from there you will see an interface similar to  the screenshot below

From there you just have to fill the necessary information such as price,name and course length , from the you just click on the button “publish” to add the course.


How to add a Lesson

A course is a series  of lessons, in the section we will be seeing how to add a lesson,  as usual  head on  to  “Elated LMS ”  But this time around  chose “Elated Lessons” , from the you click on the “Add new”, just after that  you  will be taken to  a new view similar to the one seen on the course, from there you just have to fill the necessary information about the course, then click on the “Publish” button when, done.



That was all on on creating a course on the website, if you find any difficulties please contact us through the  chat or the contact us page.



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