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How to create a simple secure network under windows

How to create a simple secure network under windows

A network is a group of computer interconnected together in other to share information, But what most people don’t know is that is very easy to create your own local network just using just your local connection (WiFi, modem, etc). In this post am going to show you how to go about with that.

NB: For this tutorial we will be using windows 10 and you must make sure your connected to  a local network. , also the creating  of the homegroups is only for windows 10  home users if not jump directly on the sharing folder section.


Creating  a local network on Windows 10


  1. Open the Start menu, do a search for HomeGroup and press Enter.
  2. Click Create a homegroup.


3. On the wizard, click Next.

4. Choose what to share on the network. By default Windows sets Pictures, Videos, Music, Printers & Devices as Shared. However, the Documents folder is marked as Not shared.




How to change your HomeGroup media streaming options

HomeGroup also allows you to control which media devices, including TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation can access and stream the content shared on your computer.

On the HomeGroup settings page in Control Panel, click the Allow all devices on this network such as TVs and game console to play my shared content link.

The first thing you want to do is to pick a name for the media library, as Windows 10 by default uses your account’s email address.

Then you can click the Choose default settings link to change a few streaming settings, including star rating and parental control settings allowed to stream from another media device.

You can also change on which networks you will let devices stream shared content by using the Show devices on drop down menu.

In addition, you can configure which devices are allowed to play remote content. You can block or allow each device individually, or you can click the Allow All or Block All buttons.

Remember that shared content will be available to other devices as long the device sharing the content is turned on and when it’s not in sleep mode. If you need to change the power settings, click the Choose power options link.

How to change your HomeGroup password

If for security reasons you need to change the HomeGroup password, Windows gives you the option to change it at any time.

  1. Click the Change the password link.
  2. Make sure to have all the computers part of HomeGroup are up and running.
  3. Click Change the password.
  4. Note the new password and click Next.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Immediately after getting the password go to each computer’s HomeGroup settings in Control Panel, and click the Type new password button.
  7. Type the new password and click Next.
  8. Click Finish to complete the task.

How to add computers to a HomeGroup

Now it’s the time to turn on all the computers around the house and join them to the HomeGroup.

To join devices do the following:

  1. Open the Start menu, do a search for HomeGroup and press Enter.
  2. Click the Join now button.

    Note: If you don’t see the Join now button, there is something wrong, make sure you’re connected to the network and restart your computer.

  3. Click Next.
  4. Select the content you want to share on the network by using the drop down menu for each folder and click Next.
  5. Enter your HomeGroup password and click Next.

    Note: If you’re signed into another computer, but you’re using your Microsoft Account, then you won’t be prompted to enter a password.

  6. Click Finish to complete the task.

If you’re prompted to choose network privacy settings, make sure to select the Private option.

In the same way, you’ve done after configuring a new HomeGroup steps, for each machine you join, you’ll need to specify manually the media devices that will be allowed to stream shared content.


2. Creating local network without using Windows groupHome

if your not having a windows home edition, it’s still very easy to share information on the network,  by default all computer that  are connected to your network can share your data, follow they steps below to be able to share data.


1.  make sure all your computer are connected to the same network i.e Wifi, modem, etc.

2.  select the folder you want  to share you on the network,  right click and select properties


3. Then from there chose the sharing option, and click on the share button


4. After that you will have to chose the computer in which you will want to share with  for the propose of this course we will be choosing “Everyone“, immediately after doing that  you can click on the share button to validate the sharing.then  continue  to  the  “Advance Sharing” option select check the option  “share this folder” the validate.






5.  To check if the folder is actually shared in the network you have to check click on the network  icon in your folder

As you see the folder has been added.




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